Yoga Health Benefits Unite Both Mind And Body

There are an increasing number of yoga health benefits documented through studies and personal experiences from individual yoga practitioners. There seem to be improvements relating to weight loss, strength enhancement, improvements in cardiovascular and endocrine functioning, and diminished stress and related mental health issues. So my question (as a doctor) is why aren’t we prescribing yoga in some form to our patients? It seems individuals are prescribing it for themselves, and I haven’t seen a bad outcome yet. This may be the treatment of the future, as it’s inexpensive, easy to do, and brings long term benefits to health and well being. Jenilee Matz writes in the AFG Fitness Blog about the many documented health benefits of yoga meditation.

Yoga Health Benefits Unite Both Mind And Body

It’s well known that yoga is an excellent form of exercise. In fact, experts claim that regularly hitting the yoga mat can do wonders for your health. Practicing yoga:

-Improves the body’s strength, flexibility and balance

-Betters your posture

-Increases lung capacity

-Promotes relaxation

-Improves mood and creates a sense of well-being

-Reduces heart rate

yoga health benefits

Yoga health benefits unite both mind and body. Photo by c/o Photos.Com.

-Fights stress

-Promotes weight loss

Note that yoga must be practiced regularly to get most of these benefits.

Studies show that yoga may also aid in managing chronic health conditions. One study showed that people with cancer reported better sleep after practicing yoga for seven weeks when compared to patients who did not practice. Another study found that yoga helped improve the quality of life in breast cancer survivors. Other research has shown that practicing yoga may help relieve arthritis pain, ease depression and anxiety, and lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

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With all of the many yoga health benefits, most novices just need a good certified instructor to get them going on the right path. There are many, and there’s one just right for you. Just go online and look. It’s that easy. What about you? Are you a novice or are you experienced in yoga? What would you say to someone you knew about your experiences in yoga? Would you encourage others to try it?

Why not leave a comment below, or click the like button and share this with a friend who might just be on the fence about starting yoga. Who knows, you might just bump them off.  that fence and get them to commit to improving their lives.

For me, yoga is not just a workout – it’s about working on yourself.   — Mary Glover

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