Yoga Meditation and Health

Just a short post here that I wanted to highlight on yoga meditation and its health benefits. Aside from the improvement in your physical health, yoga breathing will simply get more oxygen to the brain and let it function optimally, which sure makes thinking a lot easier.

Yoga Meditation and Health

Most people would, of course, agree that breathing is important, as this is one of the necessary components of life, but a lot of people fail to realize that it is actually possible to improve one’s breathing; yoga deals with deep, mindful breathing, and engaging in this will help lung capacity to improve – which is great for those who play sports, of

Yoga meditation

Yoga meditation benefits health and vitality. Photo: aragami123345 c/o Photos.Com

course, as it will improve endurance and performance, but is also good for people who do not play sports, and simply want to enjoy improved  breathing in everyday life.

There are also strong correlations between yoga and a healthy heart, as yoga has the ability to lower blood pressure and even slow the heart rate; furthermore, yoga has been linked to lowered cholesterol, and – largely because of the reduction in stress brought on by yoga – a boosted immune system, with some studies even concluding that yoga is so beneficial for the heart and the body, it can reverse heart disease.

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The author certainly endorses the health benefits of yoga meditation for us all. Even the mental health benefits of reducing stress and anxiety and lowering the risk of depression can be added to the growing list of documented benefits that long term yoga practitioners can achieve for themselves.

Please feel free to chime in about your own experiences, as well as your thoughts and opinions on the subject. I would imagine that there are those out there who have strong opinions, but there may be some of you sitting on the fence as well. Leave a comment below and we can start up a dialogue.

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