Yoga Meditation Benefits For Heart Health

Are you just a little bit middle-aged? Do you ever worry about your heart health? Recent studies have suggested that yoga meditation benefits for your heart health may improve parameters like blood pressure and some of the ill effects related to chronic stress and poor lifestyle. A recent article by Kelli Cooper at Medical Daily provided some highlights around benefits from both yoga and meditation as documented in the medical literature.

Yoga Meditation Benefits For Heart Health

Our heart…we cannot live without it and it would behoove us to take care of it as best we can. While there are no ironclad ways to

yoga meditation benefits

Yoga meditation benefits for improved heart health. Photo by Thinkstock Images c/o Photos.Com.

guarantee we will stay healthy and never succumb to disease, we have a lot more control than we think. Many issues that negatively impact our heart health are due to poor lifestyle choices. While in certain situations we may not be able to forgo medications, surgeries or other conventional treatments, you may consider turning to some ancient practices to deal with the health problems often triggered by modern day living.


Many people in the West associate meditation with spiritual pursuits and if you do not consider yourself spiritual, you may be reluctant to try it. As a regular meditator, I gained tremendous benefit from it in a spiritual sense but I have also reaped more practical benefits in terms of reduced stress and increased sense of relaxation and well-being. If you are interested in natural ways to improve your physical health, seriously consider this simple act.

This ancient spiritual practice appears to benefit heart health specifically. A review of studies published in the March 2012 issue of The International Journal of Hypertension concluded that meditation has been shown to make significant improvements in blood pressure; they note that more studies are needed to make any firm recommendations, but it certainly cannot hurt to try it rather than waiting around for official recommendations – meditation is a pretty safe activity.

Read about all of the benefits of yoga and meditation for your heart’s health here at

There are yoga meditation benefits to be gained for not just your heart, but for your general physical health and well being. All it takes is the desire and the consistency to get going and to stay with yoga and meditation regularly every day. It takes many years of bad habits for someone to find themselves in the ill health trap. Just knowing that our bodies are inherently healthy and want to stay that way should provide a little encouragement to those of you who may be afraid to start. Doing the right things that are good for us on a consistent basis lets us correct our course of health and steer it back to where nature planned it to be.

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