Yoga Meditation Benefits For Your Health The Same As Alcohol?

Well, that’s it! I’m done! At first glance this blog title suggested that new research has just demonstrated you can achieve the very same yoga meditation benefits to your health as you get just by drinking alcohol! Well, in a word – no. Actually, when I read it and I saw these side-by-side pics I nearly split my sides laughing. True, I confess, there’s no such research and it’s not a true story. While there isn’t any publicly funded research of this sort going on (at least I sure hope not), you might have thought, maybe for just a fraction of a second, that it would be nice if it were true. Am I right? Oh well, the photos are a hoot. Just consider this to be your laughter yoga session for today. Kim Balmoral shared this piece with everyone on his personal blog that he titles “In The Picture.”

Yoga Meditation Benefits For Your Health The Same As Alcohol?

You’ll see a very amusing set of comparison photos of yoga practitioners contrasted with persons who have imbibed a little too much. Nothing to read here folks. Pictures only. Just move on along…

This is a must see visual found on

While there are a lot of yoga meditation benefits to one’s health, getting them from out of a bottle isn’t one of them. Do keep practicing daily and remember to try to eliminate meat and move yourself toward a more vegetarian diet, with alcohol only in moderation if you partake occasionally.

Did you find this amusing or were you put off? Oh well, it’s my blog, and life’s way too important to take too seriously for every moment of it. So I’ll continue to slip in some posts from left field from time to time in the future. Let me know if you feel strongly about it either one way or the other by leaving a comment below or sharing with a friend by liking it.

What yoga philosophy and all the great Buddhist teachings tells us is that solidity is a creation of the ordinary mind and that there never was anything permanent to begin with that we could hold on to. Life would be much easier and substantially less painful if we lived with the knowledge of impermanence as the only constant.    —  Donna Farhi

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