Yoga Meditation Benefits High School Students

I wrote last week about a recent study that demonstrated yoga meditation benefits for high school students in terms of reduced anxiety levels. I ran across an interesting article written by Abbey Challgren for the Orono High School district in Long Lake, MN that described very similar benefits in their students who practiced yoga meditation.

Yoga Meditation Benefits High School Students

Yoga originated as an activity consisting of poses and meditation, however in the past several years yoga has become more energized and upbeat. Senior Joey Bacon said, “My favorite classes are sculpt and C-2 because they’re really upbeat and I feel like I get an incredible workout.”

Sophomore Sara Vickerman said, “Since starting yoga I’ve gotten a lot stronger. I can personally vouch for the immense results of yoga.”

Yoga also has the capability to relieve stress and energize people. Senior Lauren Nehotte said, “I feel so relaxed after yoga and ready to take on the day. It has a truly powerful impact.”

Yoga Meditation Benefits

Yoga Meditation Benefits learning, strength, and anxiety relief. Photo: StockByte c/o Photos.Com.

Along with the health benefits to yoga, many experts believe that participating in yoga can increase one’s self-confidence and self-acceptance. Senior Allie Esau said, “I can notice an increase in my self-confidence since starting yoga, I feel more positive on a daily basis.”

Experts also believe that yoga increases one’s mood, attention and learning efficiency. Vickerman said, “The hardest part of yoga for me personally is staying focused. However, through time my attention has increased in both yoga meditation and also in the classroom.”

Read the entire article here.

What do you think? Should we start teaching yoga meditation techniques in all of our high schools? With all of the stresses these days that kids face growing up, teaching them very effective methods for maintaining their natural health and mental balance would certainly go a long way toward keeping them well.

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