Yoga Meditation Benefits Indian Olympic Hockey Team

It looks as if there can be some yoga meditation benefits for the Indian Hockey Olympic Team, too.  After experiencing an eight year absence from the games, they’ll be pushing to make a strong come back in the upcoming London Olympic Games this year. Team members are attributing their mental preparation in no small part to yoga and meditation. Here’s an excerpt from a story published recently by the Press Trust of India.

 Yoga Meditation Benefits Indian Olympic Hockey Team

Set to return to the Olympic stage after eight years, the Indian hockey team is working hard on being a mentally strong unit by

yoga meditation benefits

Hockey depicted in ancient Greece ca. 500 BC. Yoga meditation benefits modern day Olympic Indian hockey team players.

practising yoga and meditation before the London Games.

“Olympics is the topmost event and we are playing there after eight years. So, naturally there is pressure to perform. We are practising Yoga daily for 40 minutes to enhance mental strength,” Indian captain Bharat Chetri told ‘PTI’ from Spain.

“We also have an interactive sessions with coach Micheal Nobbs and Trainer David John daily in which they share their good experiences. John has also started an innovative mental visualisation session on a daily basis which is a sort of meditation,” he said.

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While yoga meditation benefits anyone who becomes a devoted practitioner, the depth of that enrichment can reach into all aspects of a person’s life. This principle even applies to those involved in competitive sports. What’s fascinating to me is that probably many, if not all, of the most successful non-yoga practicing athletes also go through the same set of mental visualization exercises by rehearsing and reinforcing their movements in their minds before every competition. Yoga meditation is simply another method of achieving the same end result. Victory in the mind always comes before victory on the field. Remember, mental success in any endeavor always precedes success manifested in the physical world. We cannot realize anything in the world around us without first having conceived it in our minds!

I, for one, am eagerly anticipating the London Olympics.  I really want to check out (no pun intended) the Indian hockey team to see how they do. I’m not actually a big sports fan, but I really do enjoy watching these games and the sheer dedication of the participants. How about you? Leave a comment below.

The most important pieces of equipment you need for doing yoga are your body and your mind.                     — Rodney Yee

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