Yoga Meditation Benefits Male Celebrities

You might be surprised to learn that quite a few very well known male celebrities are experiencing yoga meditation benefits by practicing the art of yoga and meditation. In fact, several very famous male actors, musicians and political figures have been achieving long term benefits through many years of consistent yoga meditation. Men, particularly those who experience a great deal of stress in their lives, need to find a healthy way to de-stress themselves.  The newest convert to yoga meditation is Alec Baldwin. His recent diagnosis of pre-diabetes in May of last year, as well as his recent engagement to Hilaria Thomas, herself a yoga instructor, are thought by many to have played a big role in his decision to practice yoga consistently. His yoga related health benefits have been noteworthy, including losing 30 pounds!

Rebecca Bardelli recently wrote about and highlighted several famous male celebs who have been improving their physical health and emotional well being through daily yoga meditation exercises.

Yoga Meditation Benefits Male Celebrities

The newest male celebrity to participate in yoga is Alec

yoga meditation benefits

Alec Baldwin has become the latest in a growing list of male celebrities to start practicing the art of yoga meditation. Photo: Courtesy WikiMedia Commons Photographer: David Shankbone

Baldwin. Baldwin recently became engaged to Hilaria Thomas, a yoga instructor. While Baldwin seems to be committed to his fiance, he is having a harder time committing to yoga even though his friends say that both yoga and Thomas are responsible for helping him with his weight and his temper. Hopefully Baldwin will stick to yoga, and I have a feeling that if he sticks with Thomas he will be motivated to continue in the practice.

Other well known male celebrities who regularly practice yoga include Sting, Prince Harry, Robert Downey Jr., Matthew McConaughey, and even Robbie Williams.

Actor and movie producer, Robert Downey Jr. participates in yoga and says, “You can get on the right side of the tracks, and you now are actually working with what some people would call magic. Actually it’s just yoga.”

Native Texan, actor and movie producer, Matthew McConaughey says, “Real men do Yoga.” McConaughey insists that regularly participating in yoga is responsible for allowing him to keep his lean muscle.

You can read more about what other male celebs have to say about their own experiences and the yoga meditation benefits they  have been able to achieve with daily practice.

Daily yoga meditation will bring anyone health benefits as well as emotional and spiritual well being. The longer you consistently practice yoga, the better you become and the greater the benefits you will achieve. Why not start today and truly transform your life.

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