Yoga Meditation Benefits Mental Health

Here’s more evidence that yoga meditation benefits mental health. As we already know, daily stresses can accumulate to where they can wear us down physically and emotionally. Many people wind up having to see their doctor or a therapist because stress caused  disabling symptoms of depression or anxiety. These won’t go away without some kind of professional help. Treatment could involve either talk therapy or medications to properly treat the symptoms. Wouldn’t it be great if we could avoid all of this and keep ourselves mentally strong and flexible and handle our stress better? Well, yoga meditation has been shown to help preserve emotional well being because it places the mind in a quiet space regularly. A research study was recently conducted at the University of Sydney Medical School by Dr Ramesh Manocha. Study participants were practicing a specific form of yoga meditation. The more frequently they practiced, the more robust the mental health and wellness benefit.

Yoga Meditation Benefits Mental Health

The area of greatest difference was in mental health, where long-term meditators, with a minimum of two years of regular

practice, were more than 10 percent better off than the general population.

“We found that the health and wellbeing profile of people who had meditated for at least two years was significantly higher

in the majority of health and wellbeing categories when compared to the Australian population,” said Dr Ramesh Manocha,

yoga meditation benefits mental health

Yoga meditation benefits mental health and well being. Photo by Shockay Hart c/o Photos.Com.

Senior Lecturer in the Discipline of Psychiatry, Sydney Medical School, who led the research.

He worked with Professor Deborah Black and Dr Leigh Wilson from the Faculty of Health Sciences.

“Most markedly there was a robust relationship between the frequency of experiencing mental silence and better mental

health. This definition is based on it being the form of meditation practised for centuries.”

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Yoga meditation benefits mental health along with your physical and emotional well being. Using yoga and meditation techniques together to strengthen our mental resilience and preserve emotional balance is more important than ever. Just remember, yoga meditation is no substitute for sound medical advice and treatment. If you already suffer from symptoms of depression or anxiety, be sure to see your doctor to get some appropriate medical advice and treatment. If your doctor thinks you need some treatment, be sure to follow his or her recommendations to the letter.

Have you found yourself doing yoga and meditating on a regular schedule, and if so, have you found a mental center that remains calm despite your chaotic surroundings? Please leave a comment and tell us your experiences, or you can click the like button and share it.

In Karma yoga no effort is ever lost, and there is no harm. Even a little practice of this discipline protects one from great fear of birth and death.          — Bhagavad Gita

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