Yoga Meditation Benefits the Prepared Body

While yoga meditation benefits your health and well being and much documentation and research exists to substantiate that,  I’ve also encountered some articles recently, in which concerns over the safety and potential dangers to health from yoga were raised. Some caution would, at the very least, be prudent for the novice yoga practitioner before attempting any poses that could be overly challenging for them at their level of training. Getting an accurate sense of one’s capabilities and health status from an objective health care professional is always advised before starting any exercise regimen in any case. The article I’m featuring today does a wonderful job of putting these concerns into their proper perspective. Here, Kristie Kellahan, writing for the Herald Sun, tells us about why yoga is not really a health hazard.

Yoga Meditation Benefits the Prepared Body

For years now we’ve been told that yoga is the cure-all of modern ills, a safe and reliable balm for all the challenges we face in the physical, emotional and spiritual world.

In the multi-billion-dollar global industry, there are classes for all fitness levels and all ages, from toddlers to senior citizens.

Numerous yoga meditation benefits to health are well known, but adequate preparation still helps. Photo by Stockbyte c/o Photos.Com.

So when The New York Times recently ran an article warning of the health hazards of yoga, the anxiety and backlash ricocheted around chatrooms and yoga studios all over the world.

In the five-page article, How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body, science writer William J. Broad warned of the risk of everything from strained muscles to spinal cord injury and stroke.

So should we throw in our yoga mats? Not at all, says Bianca Machliss, a Sydney-based yoga teacher with 20 years’ experience, who also has a degree in physiotherapy.

“Everyone needs to take a deep breath – just do your research and find the best classes to go to in your area. Try all that is available and you will see that some are safer than others.”

Compared with other forms of exercise, the injury rate for yoga participants is low. According to a survey by Monash University’s Injury Research Institute, between 2002 and 2006, just 36 people were treated in Victorian hospital emergency rooms for yoga-related injuries, compared with the 256 people treated for treadmill-related injuries in the same time period.

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While there are certainly negatives to any form of physical activity that is engaged in without either adequate preparation in advance or knowledge of your own state of health, yoga meditation benefits the overwhelming majority of those who participate in it appropriately and with the right level of advance preparation. Overall it is very reassuring to know that the injury rate for yoga participants is very low compared with other forms of physical activity. The best advice I can hand out for anyone starting a yoga routine is — easy does it!

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Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.

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