Yoga Meditation Techniques Calm The Present Moment

There are many well established yoga meditation techniques that will improve our health and spirituality. What about how we view the world and our place in it? After all, moment to moment is how ee live our daily lives, isn’t it? We either tend to focus our attention on the future (because we hope it’s going to be better) or on the past (gee, I wish I hadn’t done that). We only exist in the present, moment to moment, though in the article here by Courtney Shea written for The Globe And Mail she mentions recent scientific assertions to the contrary. Whatever your viewpoint, calming the here and now with yoga and meditation can certainly give us more peace of mind in our momentary existence.

Yoga Meditation Techniques Calm The Present Moment

Among the many benefits of daily meditation is the subduing of negative feelings such as anger, resentment, stress and anxiety. Of

yoga meditation techniques

Yoga meditation techniques can help us calm our minds and teach us to live more in the present moment. Photo by George Doyle c/o Photos.Com.

course, one needn’t be serving 10 to life to enjoy the benefits of neurological downtime.

The inner workings of my brain look like one of those hamster fun-lands. Some nights my mind will race for two, maybe three hours before I finally fall asleep. Calm, inner peace? Not exactly.

Devoting this week’s self-improvement challenge to some daily Om time sprung from a new study out of the University of Pittsburgh that claims the ultimate goal of meditation – to exist solely in the here and now – is a bit of a wild goose chase.

“For a healthy person, it’s impossible to live in the moment,” says neuroscientist Marc Sommer, whose study indicates that our brains are unable to experience anything outside of the context of what we have done and what we will do.

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Most yoga meditation techniques gravitate toward calming the mind and emphasizing one’s existence in present moment. The analogy of the mind as being not unlike a gerbil wheel is probably pretty accurate for many. It’s hard to get off of that wheel sometimes, but with continued practice it becomes much easier to do. Remember, the longer you practice, the easier it becomes to get off, and to stay off.

How are you feeling lately? Do you seem to be mentally going all the time? Please share you thoughts and opinions below by leaving a comment. If you’ve found some relief by doing yoga and meditation, please click the like button and share your experiences with a friend or others who are also looking for mental peace.

Before you’ve practiced, the theory is useless.  After you’ve practiced, the theory is obvious.    — David Williams

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