Yoga Meditation to Help Control Diabetes

More Americans than ever are being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Enter yoga meditation.  Let’s face it, our sedentary lifestyles and too-easy access to high calorie, low nutrient foods makes it increasingly likely to develop as we get older. Now there are drugs that can slow the progression of the illness, but a drug-free approach would always be more preferable. How liberating it is to be able to retake control of your health through yoga practices and to not become dependent on the health care system.

Bonnie McGrath described the benefits of yoga meditation over at Get Healthy.

Yoga Meditation to Help Control Diabetes

Practicing yoga may be an effective method that allows sufferers to alleviate symptoms and control the disease. It can also alleviate stress, give a sufferer a way to make a difference in living with the disease—and actually stimulate the pancreas. It increases circulation and produces positive energy. All of this makes the disease much easier to live with and gives the patient a focus—and a way to alter the course of their diabetes.

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Downward dog pose is especially beneficial to stimulate circulation to the pancreas. Photo courtesy of Nemonoman and Wikimedia Commons.

The yoga poses that diabetes sufferers should concentrate on are those that stimulate the areas of the body that are affected, says Linda Hanes, a registered nurse and certified yoga instructor at Community Hospital’s Fitness Pointe in Munster. That means those poses that affect the pancreas and the adrenal glands, those that create movement all the way from the hip area to the sternum.

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People who suffer from cardiac disease can also see a real benefit from yoga meditation, since it greatly reduces stress.
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