Yoga Meditation To Reduce Stress And Bring Peace of Mind

Many of us experience consistent daily stress due to our hectic lives, but practicing yoga meditation to reduce stress will bring us improved health and peace of mind. It’s tough enough when you are physically healthy to ward off the effects of chronic stress, but when you are sick it’s even more difficult. There are people with serious illnesses such as cancer that have to undergo the added physical and emotional stresses of the necessary treatments such as chemotherapy. An increasing number of health practitioners are advocating yoga and meditation to help reduce and control this stress, particularly in this population. A recent article by Charles Poladian at Medical Daily provides some insight.

Yoga Meditation To Reduce Stress And Bring Peace of Mind

Dr. Isaac Eliaz is the man behind the mind-body connection. At a recent presentation, Dr. Eliaz discussed the impact stress plays in impairing the immune system, increasing inflammation and could actually affect DNA integrity. For cancer patients, chronic stress may be particularly damaging to their quality of life and treatments.

Yoga meditation to reduce stress

Use yoga meditation to reduce stress and increase mental serenity. Photo by Polka Dot Images c/o Photos.Com.

While the effects of stress may seem like quackery, there are countless studies over the years that have studied the

numerous ways stress can damage the body. For example, the body releases cortisol, a steroid, in response to stress.

Cortisol has been shown to increase blood sugar levels while suppressing the immune system.

Yoga and meditation done regularly will strengthen your body and mind. There are also many other very easy methods for combating stress and its negative effects that can be done as part of our daily routines.

Dr. Eliaz believes that simple techniques like yoga or meditation can greatly improve a cancer patient’s quality of life and response to treatment. Spending time with loved ones and engaging in hobbies or activities can also reduce stress for cancer patients. Even taking a minute out for deep breathing can go a long way for your overall mood and health.

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Practicing yoga meditation to reduce stress will help to strengthen your body while it improves your quality of life by bringing you peace of mind and spirit. Do you know anyone that is going through a stressful time right now? Share this information with them by clicking the like button, or leave a comment below.

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