Yoga Stretching Meditation

Practicing any form of yoga stretching meditation is an excellent way of experiencing relief of stress both in the physical body and in the mental experience. Any area of the body can be relieved of accumulated daily stress through the act of stretching that comes from executing a series of defined physical poses, while the meditation afterward stretches and expands the mind and relieves mental stress as well. Here, Callie Jones writing for the Journal-Advocate illustrates how yoga and meditation together expand both the physical and mental awareness.

Yoga Stretching Meditation

“In yoga the practice is just to lengthen our muscles and relieve stress,” he said. “Lengthening your muscles and allowing them to relax is one of the best ways to relax your body.” “I personally find yoga at the end of the day is one of the best practices — P.M. yoga — because it just kind of relaxes everything, resolves stress.”

He talked about several yoga poses for lower back pain, including rag doll and downdog.

“It lengthens the back side of your neck, your spine and the back of your legs,” Sabala said about the downdog pose. “A lot times when we exercise we don’t pay attention to back side of our body.”

yoga stretching meditation

Yoga stretching meditation expands both the body and the mind. Photo by George Doyle c/o Photos.Com.

Another form of downdog is the pigeon pose, which also helps with lower back pain.

Yoga can also help with flexibility and lower blood pressure.

“We’re working with our minds and our breath at the same time we’re moving our body,” Sabala said. “So when you’re moving your body you’re focusing on what that hand is doing, where do you lift that leg at, how does it feel, how does your breath feel within the movement.”

He recommended doing yoga on an empty stomach; don’t have anything in your stomach three hours prior.

Sabala suggested the yoga last for an hour and a half to two hours.


While it sounds like a deceptively simple concept, the art and practice of yoga stretching meditation can actually bring about profound health benefits to both our body and our mind, as it gently nudges the body and the mind toward greater flexibility. A flexible body and a flexible mind are some of the most useful attributes we can hope to achieve in order to enable us to experience our lives to their fullest and to understand and tolerate one another.

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The beauty is that people often come here for the stretch, and leave with a lot more.

                                                                                                 –Liza Ciano

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